1. There are endless Long-Tailed Tits about where I live at the moment. I love them - they’re like bird lollipops!

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  4. Bellaaaaaa <3

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  5. yeah…exactly.

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    The Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria)The Kaczawskie Mountains
    by Mateusz Matysiak 

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    Putting birds on things at #akalondon thank you O!

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  11. The spectacular Zuzana Light!

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  12. I need a pig friend.

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    focus up. practice daily. breathe fully.

    Er, WOW.

  15. I’ve recently discovered how amazing inversions feel after a workout. Getting your feet off the ground & your blood flowing through your body is just the tension-release you need. But fear not, you don’t have to do some sort of crazy one-armed handstand or anything, a simple downwards-dog will do quite nicely!