1. lynn-noelle:


    You know, there used to be a time when I thought yoga was just this nice, easy, relaxing stretching-type thing….yeah.

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  3. thievinggenius:

    Done by Rob Noseworthy. (in progress)


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  4. fairy-wren:

    Barn Swallow. Photo by CharlesWb

  5. Okay, I give in. Here’s more of Monami Frost <3

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  6. Arms & shoulders day. Wooooop!! :)

  7. Ugh. Monami Frost is so unbelievably stunning that I’m not entirely convinced she’s real :P

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  8. charlottelou:

    Most recent set for @suicidegirls 👻👻👻

  9. feathered-friends:

    Red-billed Quelea - Kalahari by merbert2012 on Flickr.

    Holy crap. WOW. I’m sure there are more birds than tree!

  10. witnessfitness:

    Madyson Foy

    Oh my. Why have I not heard of this lady before?!

  11. bitofanink:

    _Hot Tattoo Blog_ Dmitriy Tabachin via Tumblr

    So simple, yet so pretty.

  13. THIS.

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  14. Ryan Mason

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  15. Oh wow. Who is this beauty?!

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