1. Bella Falconi <3

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  3. Er, yeah. This. This is important.

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    More lovely Bertil Nilsson photos of our Circus Arts Degree graduate Gemma Creasey. See her full performance here: http://youtu.be/HR5lwW0Eqq0

    Amazing <3

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    Torrie Blake

    The wonderous being known as Torrie Blake

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    Shannon Petralito

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    gold-whiskered barbet

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    Wasp Moth - Dinia sp.

    This is a neotropical moth in the genus Dinia (Arctiidae), commonly known as Wasp Moths, and classified in the Subfamily Ctenuchinae, Tribe Ctenuchini. 

    The Ctenuchini are known to mimic hymenopterans and other insects. These moths have reduced wing venation and are restricted to America. Its Taxonomy is problematic. However, Dinia is one of the genus most easily recognized, having a bright red abdomen with contrasting black markings and transparent wings.

    Reference: [1]

    Photo credit: ©Jimmy Hoffman | Locality: Panama

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    My lovely friend has 6 lovely cluckers and we managed to get them all to stay in the same place!!

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    Repost from @cfgymnastics #handstand #onearm #gymnast #crossfit #gymnastics #balance #strength #beautiful #cfgymnastics #girlstrong #crossfitgirls #upside down #quadcity

    Holy crap <3

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    by Kate Mackay Gill - Tattoo Workshop, Brighton, UK




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    Plant the best quality seeds: abolitionist vegan seeds!

    Available here: www.abolitionistvegansociety.org/leaflets


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    okay josh

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    Do you support the unrelenting violence against nonhuman animals, or are you vegan?

    Why veganism? www.WhyVeganism.com

    Photo credit: Joy VanBuhler

    Why don’t I have a pig friend? Seriously. WHY?!

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    Got a new tattoo yesterday. Committed. 7 years Vegan. 

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