1. Did today’s workout on a balcony in Malta! No excuses! :P

  2. fairy-wren:

    sultan tit

    (photo by kampang)

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  3. Flight takes off in a few hours, but I took a break from packing for a quick workout. No excuses! :P

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  5. electrictattoos:

    Barbe Rousse (top left tattoo by Rafel Delalande)

  6. buffyshot:


    IG: @russianghetto

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  8. Lyxzen SG <3

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  10. fuckyeabirds:

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    Baby raven. So fuzzy.

    Haha. All ready to grow into a big ominous beast :P

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  11. becausebirds:

    The beautiful Handsome Copper-throated Sunbird! It even has handsome in its name.

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  12. beastieandthebeasts:

    "I am beautiful, no matter what they say" 

  13. thestarlighthotel:

    Male and female mandarin ducks | Sasha Unisex

  15. beastieandthebeasts:

    sleepy baby squirrel 

    in rehab with Wild Heart Ranch, Claremore, OK