3. miedoalvacio:

    Full Moon Dotwork Tattoo

    Macarena Sepúlveda 2014

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  4. lejonhjerta:

    Walking in the parade today, birthday tomorrow. Bring it on!

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  5. manakahandmade:

    Manaka Pixie Vest and Handmade Hemp Manakees  for stretched ears


    Shop Online:. www.manakahandmade.etsy.com

    Photos by Damian Seasalt

    Oh wow <3

  6. fairy-wren:

    (via 500px / Fly. by David Daniel)

    European Bee-Eater

  7. trackandfieldimage:

    Athlete in Flight

    Photo : Jeff Cohen


  8. nomicheese:

    skulls n’ flowers at #akalondon

  9. russianghetto:

    happy #squat face😋 #training #powerlifting #girlswholift #tattoos

  10. sashatattooing:

    😍 #sashatattooing #linework (at sashatattooing)

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  11. Can anyone tell me the species?

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  13. son-pereda:

    via Auckland Zoo

    Was in The Forest this afternoon and managed to get this photo of one of our kūkupa (kererū/NZ wood pigeon) perfectly posing on its sign. Do kūkupa visit your garden?

    お気に入りスポット(^u^) @Auckland Zoo, New Zealand.

  15. Gym time is my ME time.
    Words cannot express how much I enjoyed a long, slow arm & shoulder workout today after a crazy hectic week!