1. Why must people post pictures of such amazing ladies without telling us who it is?! Quit torturing me!

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    torrie blake by will hollis

    So many notes. Wish it linked to my blog… Sigh…

  4. This.

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    😁 such a blast! Loved making this on ya Jen! Thanks for making the trip in 👏

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    The Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo - Lophochhroa leadbeateri, is mainly found in inland arid areas of mainland Australia. This species lives mostly in semi-arid and arid areas, in dry woodlands, particuarly mallee.

    Photographer unknown.

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    "A Little At A Time"
    Philadelphia, Pa 2013

    Corwin Prescott - Justine Marie - See the entire set on Zivity

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  8. This isn’t fair. I need a pig friend!

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    The Musk Lorikeet - Glossopsitta concinna, is a medium-sized, sturdy lorikeet, sometimes seen in large flocks when trees are flowering and often in mixed flocks with other parrots and other birds. Musk Lorikeets are endemic to south eastern Australia, being widespread in eastern NSW, all regions of Victoria and in the southeast of South Australia.

    Photo by Birds Central.

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    piggies are my lifeeeeee

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    Tom Bartley

    IG: @tom_bartley

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  15. Wow!

    Aerial arts are a whole area of fitness I’ve never explored. This needs to change. Urgently.

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